Industries We Serve



Telecom keeps us together. As the world around us changes, the need to connect families, friends, and businesses has never been greater. We understand your need to innovate, integrate, and inundate the world with an enhanced digital experience. From working on your next generation network to rebuilding your digital interface, our commitment is to serve you and our communities.

Banking and Finance

Financial Services are at the center of the economy just as relationships are at the core of what we do. To lead in the fast-changing financial services industry, you must not only have an adaptive and innovative technology strategy, but a trusted partner to help you execute it. We understand your need for digital transformation, open banking and customer data management, all while staying compliant to the many regulatory agencies. Our people-first strategy is here to lead you into the next generation of financial services, with the right talent!


In a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, our retail partners look to us in pursuit of a highly customized customer experience. You handle the technology roadmap; we’ll handle the talent needed to get you there.

Public Sector

Supporting the Public Sector aligns with our core values and is the reason we are passionate in our service to the government. We focus on supplying our SLED and Federal partners with top consultants to help them innovate, change, and support their communities. With a commitment to putting veterans to work, focus on emerging tech, and ability to drive costs down, we are your trusted long-term partner to deliver technology services to your citizens.

Healthcare and Insurance

We partner with healthcare providers across the nation to bring solutions that improve the overall patient experience. Through technical delivery and strategic resourcing, Enscope IT is ensuring our clients have the appropriate staff and solutions to deliver the best possible care. Health insurance is how we make healthcare manageable. Managing technology is central to improving consumer and member experience. Experience is where we come in, with world-class national resourcing and managed solutions that are flexible and affordable. Whether you’re looking to drive compliance, integration, or to move the innovation needle, we are here to provide a solution that works for you.